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About Superhuman Fitness

The Superhuman Fitness mission

The SuperHuman Fitness mission is to give everyone in the world on their fitness journey the best free tools & resources to build their dream body faster & have a lot more fun doing it!

No matter who you are and where you live, you deserve to have the best tools you need to succeed on your fitness journey. Without the right tools in your tool-box, building your dream body sadly becomes nothing but a pipe-dream for most.

With the right tools, anyone can sculpt their dream body fast and have more fun along the way. SuperHuman Fitness is a one stop shop for everything you need to know during your fitness journey with 100% free access to life changing free tools like the SuperHuman Calorie Calculator and SuperHuman Video Exercise Database

About Superhuman Fitness

"Growing Up I was the weakest and skinniest kid. Like most people at the start of their fitness journey, I was under the impression that to get a great body you had to have great genetics and it was outside of your control. This site exists to show you that building your dream body is 100% in your control and the incredible transformations in our community of all body types, ages and fitness levels is proof!" Troy Adashun - Founder of SuperHuman Fitness