Bicep Blood Flow Restriction

If you’ve followed some of our previous posts, you’d know there are 3 rules for maximum hypertrophy – Mechanical tension, metabolic stress & muscle damage.

Now, blood flow restriction training, also known as “Occlusion training” is a method that MAXIMIZES the second law of growth – Metabolic stress.

In essence, with BFR, we wrap a band or wrap at the top of the working limb, to restrict the blood flow to it, as the name suggests.

What this does, is it keeps the metabolites and blood accumulated during intense work, for LONGER.

The end result? Maximum metabolic stress and hence, massive gains, if you apply this to your bicep exercises.


  1. 1
    Wrap bands at the top of the biceps (Tight, but not too tight)
  2. 2
    Pick an EZ bar, loaded with a relatively heavy weight (~80% of what you’d normally use for this exercise)
  3. 3
    Grab the EZ bar at around shoulder width, where the grip is slightly pronated
  4. 4
    Curl the bar up, contracting the biceps up top
  5. 5
    Hold the peak flexion for half a second & let go slowly on the eccentric phase
PRO TIP: Alternate between pronated and supinated grips for maximum tension on all zones of the biceps.

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