Incline Hex Press

The incline hex press is a great exercise to do to change things up from the typical dumbbell or barbell incline press and will shock your muscles to keep them responding.

The key to this exercise is making sure that you squeeze and activate your upper chest as hard as possible, which will allow you to use a lighter weight while still achieving a solid stress on the muscle tissue.


  1. 1
    Grab a plate and lie down on the incline bench
  2. 2
    Keep the plate with both palms above your chest
  3. 3
    Arch your back slightly
  4. 4
    Go down slowly, until the plate touches your chest
  5. 5
    Push up, contracting the chest up top

You’ll do two sets of this for a T30 set (meaning 30 seconds time under tension) and resting for 30-40 seconds between sets.

Keeping the rest periods lower while the rep range is taken higher on this move will also help bring out the best growth hormone response, which will further help with gaining mass and burning body fat at the same time.

You might be tempted to go heavier on this exercise than you should but remember, you want all the muscles to rest except the upper chest.

The more weight you bring into the picture, the more total muscle activation you’re likely to get in your other muscle groups as well, so this will be less than ideal.

You don’t want to turn this into an anterior shoulder exercise and if your weight gets too heavy, you very much will.

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