Squat Jump

The squat jump exercise is a fantastic exercise to incorporate into your workout routine regardless of what your gaol is. This is a fast twitch exercise that uses a different muscle fiber than most exercises.

To perform the squat jump exercise have your hands down at your sides and the weight of your body evenly distributed. As you ascend down, focus on sitting your butt back so the pressure goes to your glutes, hamstrings and quads and not your back.

Use your arms to assist your balance and to help you drive your momentum upward and jump as high as possible. I recommend that you ascend down until your knees are at least 90 degrees, and then explode up in the air as fast and high as you can. Drive from your heels and the base of your feet and relax your upper body.

Immediately upon landing, regain your balance and set up in position again and jump! Try to not be on the ground for very long. These are quick repetitions.

Perform 3-5 sets and 10-12 jumps each set. The squat jump exercise is a great exercise to improve your vertical leap, and it's also a great finisher to add onto the end of your workout. In fact that's what we do on the SuperHuman Ripped program.

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