Middle Cable Chest Fly

The inner chest cable fly is one that takes a unique approach to the fly and keeps the elbows extended throughout the entire movement pattern.

Why do this?

Many guys will cheat on their chest cable fly’s and let their biceps do the brunt of the work.

By keeping the arms in the extended position, this becomes impossible and it’s all about your chest now.


  1. 1
    Stand in the middle of the cable machine
  2. 2
    Grab both handles and raise the arms to chest level, keeping them straight
  3. 3
    Let the arms go back and stretch the chest (elbow bent slightly, static position)
  4. 4
    Close the arms and contract the chest

I recommend keeping the hands open, palms facing each other on this exercise to further ensure it’s just your chest muscle doing the work.

Explode on the contraction phase of this exercise and then use a slow and controlled motion on the negative so your chest is controlling return of the weight the entire time.

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