Seated Barbell Curl

The seated barbell curl is a great exercise to build bigger biceps. You will find that you can curl a pretty good amount of weight on this exercise, and something about it feels different than a traditional standing barbell curl. 

The key to this exercise is your form. You will want to create a sturdy foundation by keeping your chest up and your back straight. Lightly tense abdominals so you maintain great posture.

The starting position is the bar resting on your quads. Maintain a neutral grip on the bar. Curl up and as you curl try to keep your wrist slightly bent back and palms facing up. Curl the bar to your upper chest.

For a variation of the seated barbell curl, you can also try curling it to your forehead. You can also try a few different grip positions on this barbell curl. Closer grip will favor the long head of the biceps, while a farther grip will favor the short head of the biceps.

Try a few sets of 10-12 reps on this move and toss it into your arm workout day or any other workout you want to smash arms with.

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