How To Get Ripped In Less Time With Sprints! 

July 9, 2020

By Troy Adashun

Sprints are not only the best HIIT workout to get ripped in less time, but the best workout on earth to lose fat and sculpt a lean physique. When you run sprints you workout your fast twitch muscle fibers which is why sprinters are so much more ripped than marathon runners who perform WAY more cardio.

Let's make one thing clear. This article is about getting you results in the most efficient way possible. You are likely here because you want a shortcut to get ripped and lose fat. The best HIIT workout to get ripped is the one that will give you the most results in the least amount of time.

Notice that I did not say "least amount of effort" however as a HIIT workout implies that you are training close to your anaerobic capacity. When it comes to exercise you have your aerobic activity and your anaerobic activity. 

Whenever I want to get ripped as fast as possible the only difference in my workouts is that I include sprints and other fast twitch training 2-3x per week. Above is my 12 week transformation.

Aerobic activity can be defined as walking, jogging, or biking at a moderate pace. Think marathon runner or long distance biker.

An anaerobic activity is defined as maximum intensity at close to 100% of your potential. Think sprinting as fast as you can and jumping as high as you can.

HIIT workouts mean that you are training very hard for short durations of time. This works your fast twitch muscle fibers, which has an incredible compound effect on your fat loss goals that boosts your testosterone, HGH, and increases your metabolism for up to 24 hours following the exercise.

Out of all the HIIT workouts that you can do to get ripped, sprints are one of the best as they require no equipment!


Sprinters have arguably the leanest and most impressive physique out of any sport, and the reason is quite simple. They are always sprinting, which like I said is the best workout to get a ripped physique because of the compound effect of everything happening in your body both during and after your sprinting workout. 

By running sprints you are able to accelerate your fat loss and muscle building by forcing adaptation of your type 2 muscle fibers, which has the following fat loss benefits:

  1. 1
    Helps you lose belly fat as it targets visceral fat much better than cardio
  2. 2
    Helps boost HGH levels, a crucial fat burning hormone
  3. 3
    Helps boost testosteorn levels, a crucial fat loss and muscle building hormone.
  4. 4
    Helps increase the size of fast twitch muscle fibers
  5. 5
    Increases your post workout metabolism for up to 24 hours post sprint workout 

Remember - you have type 1 muscle fibers and type 2 muscle fibers and HIIT training forces adaptation of those type 2 muscle fibers, and get an incredible boost in fat burning along the way!


The Balloon Method combined with fast twitch training is the mechanism in the SuperHuman Ripped program to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time!

The best HIIT workout to get ripped is simply running 5-10 sprint intervals. This is maximum capacity fast twitch muscle fiber training at its finest!

If you are a beginner I suggest you start off with just 5 sprints and you rest about 75 seconds between sprints. Sprint for 100 yards or about 15 seconds total.

The proper technique to running sprints is actually quite simple. Arms at a 45 degree angle and pumping forward (not across your body).

I recommend if you are not experienced that your sprints are at about 90-95% capacity and you are fully stretched before you start your first sprint interval.

I like to jog for 2 minutes, skip rope for 2 minutes and go through a series of stretches for my hamstrings, glutes, and quads before sprinting close to full speed to prevent hamstring tears/pulls.

Remember that your fast twitch muscle fibers are most prone to injury, and you should not attempt this workout if you have any existing ligament or knee problems.

Here is my go-to sprint workout to get ripped. Try this HIIT workout for fat loss twice per week.

It is very important that you rest at least 72 hours before HIIT workouts, as your fast twitch muscle fibers need time to recover.


Step 1: 5 minute Dynamic Stretching

I spend 5 minutes performing a dynamic stretching routine to fire up my fast twitch muscle fibers. I like doing a combination of foam rolling, skipping ripe, and doing static stretches on my hamstrings such as simply touching my toes and holding it for 10 seconds.

Step 2: 3 Sprints at 85% capacity

I like to start off my hiit workout with 3 sprints at about 85% of my max speed. This allows my fast twitch muscle fibers to warm up even more, and prevents injury on my "speed sets"

Depending on your fitness level, I would sprint anywhere from 10 seconds if you are a beginner to up to 20 seconds if you are more advanced.

This may not seem like a long time but trust me, it is! Rest about 60 seconds between sprints at 85% capacity.

Step 3: 3 sprints at 95% capacity sprints

If you are more experienced you can start sprinting at 100% max intensity (like a bear is chasing you and you are trying to get away max intensity) but for most of you I recommend that you get up to about 95% capacity.

Sprint for 10-20 seconds, or if you need a distance to mark I recommend 50-60 yards or half a football field in length.

For these maximum speed sprints I recommend that you rest 90 seconds to 2 minutes to allow yourself time to recover and go all out on the next sprint. 

How many times do you perform this HIIT Workout?

You will be sore after this workout the first few times that you do it. I recommend at the most you perform this hiit workot for fat loss twice per week. For example on a Monday and Thursday. 

You can perform a HIIT workout after your weight training session, or think of this as its own free standing workout you can knock out any time you want. After all, the entire HIIT workout only lasts about 20 minutes!

If you are an advanced athlete, you can try up to 8-10 sprint intervals per HIIT workout, although I don't recommend you get up to that many until you perform this workout twice per week for about 2 months straight.

What to do next?

HIIT workouts and training your fast twitch muscle fibers is the best way to speed up your fat loss. I recommend that you add in HIIT workouts twice per week to your training regimen if your goal is to get ripped.

Sprints are obviously great, but there are some other easy ways to get similar results like db squat jumps, which are one of the VertiShred Finishers in the SuperHuman Ripped  program.


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