Top 10 Youtube Fitness Channels (2021 Updated!) 

October 5, 2020

By Troy Adashun

This article is going to cover the top 10 fitness YouTube channels on the planet, listed by a guy who has made and watched YouTube fitness videos for the last 5 years and gotten over 85 million lifetime views on YouTube.

Yes I put my own channel on this list, but you may be surprised where I ranked it!

Without further ado, let’s crack into the top 10 YouTube fitness channels on the planet starting at number 10. 

Top Youtube Fitness channels in the world (2020 Update)

Number 10 - Sean NalewanyJ

Sean knows his sh*t and has been around the YouTube fitness game for a long time. He has knowledgeable science backed video and looks to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder this year as he has dabbled into controversial videos and I must say they are done well. My personal favorite is his review of the V-Shred Sculpt Nation pre workout, lol. Subscribe if you want a cross between Jeremy Ethier and Greg Doucette, in a good way.

Number 9 - Pierre’s Elite Performance

This is by far the most underrated fitness channel on YouTube. He is my go to for learning sprinting and jumping mechanics better, and his delivery is incredible. He is always high energy, fun to listen to, and his videos have excellent production. I understand many of you reading this aren’t into sprinting and jumping and agility workouts, but you should. By training like an athlete you will engage more fast twitch muscle fibers. 

Number 8 - Troy Adashun

I would have put myself higher but I have not been as active as the other people on the list in 2020, but you better believe I’m coming for the top in 2021.

The channel is a mix of innovative Balloon Method workouts to help you gain muscle and burn fat faster, which are 100% unique and unlike any other workouts on YouTube as well as outside the box tips to speed up every fitness goal imaginable.

The content is 100% unique and many would consider outside the box. This is also the official youtube channel of SuperHuman Fitness. Subscribe below!

Number 7 - Greg Doucette

His fanboys are the type of guys who love senseless fitness entertaining like caring if Jaden Smith and literally every human on the planet with a bicep vein is “natty or not” - but I have to give it to the guy as the biggest hustler in the world in the YouTube fitness game. He uploads a video almost everyday, and although he is controversial, nobody knows more about fitness than this guy.

He is 44 years old and has competed as a pro bodybuilder for 200 years, and even TKO’d Athlean-X in a social media fight this year. He would be higher but his videos are way more entertainment than value. He has the potential to create more value than anyone because of how much he knows, so I would challenge him to make more content about his actual workouts as they would be interesting.

Number 6 - Alan Thrall

Alan Thrall is my current go to for outside the box and science backed information on strength training. What really separates Alan’s channel from say Athlean-X and all others on this list is his epic information on how to get stronger on the squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press as well as really good form breakdowns and tips to break through strength plateaus on all these aforementioned lifts.

Alan’s outside the box advice is helping me reach my 2020 strength goals of a 5 plate deadlift, 4 plate squat and 3 plate bench press under 200 lbs.!

Number 5 - Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier is relatively young and has a long way to go in terms of building his own physique, but you can’t deny that his videos have arguably the best production value and science backed research on the planet. His style is almost a carbon copy of Jeff Nippard with his own spin on it, and he definitely isn’t reinventing the wheel with his content, but its a great fitness channel for beginners looking to learn the fundamentals of how to do all the compound lifts, and a ton of other value including some pretty well researched diet and supplement information. 

Number 4 - Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard is ahead of Jeremy Ethier for a reason. Not only does he provide the same quality of science backed training and diet information, but he’s way more entertaining. He has a few pretty funny videos that show his versatility as a fitness content creator. Jeff has come up with some very interesting series in the past like Technique Tuesdays. Jeff Nippard is no doubt one of the top YouTube fitness channels in the world, it’s as simple as that. Subscribe to him and you won’t be disappointed.

Number 3 - Ryan Humiston

I have a special place on this list for Ryan Humiston because he thinks much like I do - outside the box. Ryan is a master at contrarian advice that actually is very effective and you will learn a lot of new exercises and ways to activate every single muscle group optimally. For example Ryan points out that it is far better to lift lighter weights than heavy ones as well as the fact that drag curls are way more effective than barbell curls for bigger arms. Contrarian but effective.

Most of his videos are more on the side of “hardcore bodybuilding” tips and you won’t find much on his channel about becoming a better athlete or even stronger like on Alan Thrall’s channel - but you will certainly find some gold nuggets in his short and actionable training videos.

Number 2 - John Meadows/MountainDog1

I have learned so much from this guy it's crazy. He has some of the best training videos on the planet that cover outside the box form hacks and new exercises that will help you break free from a plateau. He’s also a really likeable guy and a former IFBB pro bodybuilder. My favorite videos of his are his 21 reasons series for every single muscle group where you will learn so much gold. He also has the best video on YouTube about growing your calves which I have implemented into my own routine.

Number 1 - Athlean-X

Despite the big fake weight scandal in 2020 it’s hard to argue against the fact that 99% of Athlean-X’s content is accurate and he also puts out a ton of value on a regular basis. He is still atop the YouTube fitness mountain in 2020 but there are many other fitness channels including my own that will be gunning for the crown in the years to come.

Athlean-X channel motto that you “need to train like an athlete to look like one” doesn't actually make sense, as most of Athlean-X’s advice is all about form hacks to sculpt specific muscle groups, etc. I would say that his advice is more along the lines of how to look more aesthetic or a ripped fitness model, but no matter what your fitness level or fitness goal - I think you will find more value and gold nugget advice on Athlean-X’s channel than any other fitness channel on the planet.


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