Aesthetic Workout Routine For A Perfect Physique! 

September 29, 2020

By Troy Adashun

This aesthetic workout will give you the perfect male body shape by building your lats and shoulders which gives you the illusive V-Shape!

The perfect male body can be characterized by what is referred to as a “V-Taper” body. This means well developed shoulders and wide lats in combination with a lean stomach. If you have an ideal male physique you can essentially draw a V shape from your shoulders down to your waist-line.

I’m going to share with you today the only 5 exercises you need to sculpt a perfect V-Taper body so you can start training smarter for the body of your dreams and look way better with your shirt off. When it comes down to it building an aesthetic physique is basically the look that will make you more desirable to women with your shirt off and will give you the proper male body ratios.

If you wanted to keep your aesthetic workout routine simple you could simply do this workout i’m going to share with you today 2-3x per week. Let’s begin!

I'm an ectomorph naturally skinny guy and i've always struggled to build muscle. By using the Balloon method i've been able to really build my shoulders and lats giving me way better aesthetics!

Get the PERFECT Male Body (Only 5 Exercises You Need)

Here is the full aesthetic workout routine below, complete with a video breakdown of each move. This is essentially a workout dedicated to the deltoids and lats which will really widen out your physique. 

Try this aesthetic workout up to three times per week for the fastest results. If you really want to focus on growing a specific muscle like your shoulders or your lats - you can go upwards of 30+ sets per week of a specific muscle group.

I wouldn't get too caught up in the total amount of sets per week tho. Focus on training hard and challenging yourself each workout!

You won’t however look aesthetic if your body-fat is over 15%, so be sure to do these workouts in combination with a diet plan if your goal is god-like aesthetics!

By The Way, Here’s me going through this entire aesthetic workout on Youtube!

#1 Lateral Raises Superset with Farmers walks

This is a killer superset that will widen your shoulders and blow up your traps giving you a more aesthetic looking physique. It’s hands down one of my favorite shoulder widening supersets because it will force your delts to be activated for a long period of time.

On this superset I recommend that you perform 3 sets. On the lateral raises perform 10-15 reps and on the superset with the farmers walks aim to walk for a total of at least 30 seconds, so you are going for 30 seconds time under tension here instead of counting reps since you are simply carrying the weight.

On the farmers walks make sure you are keeping your delts engaged by slightly angling your arms outside your body, to place extra tension on the delts. You should feel this in the traps and delts mostly.

Perform 3-4 supersets total and rest 90 seconds between supersets. 

#2 Lat Pulldown Behind Head
Target Lats
Sets 3-5
Reps 10-12
Rest Time 90 sec

The lat pulldown behind the head is one of the best back exercises on the planet for widening your back and building bigger lats. This move will primarily target the upper back and secondarily, the biceps and forearms. If you are looking for a meaty upper back, do add this to your back exercises list.

If you want to take the lat pulldown behind the head to the next level, I suggest you implement the Balloon Method in all your back workouts so you can maximize the 3 science backed ways your body builds muscle. This is what we do in the SuperHuman Muscle program, and if you are eating enough you will pack on mass much faster. 

For a really good pump I recommend that you go for about 10-12 reps and really focus on the stretch of the exercise and your mind-muscle connection in the lats. I like to tell myself to keep my elbows forward as I pull down as well, and this really lights up your lats. 


  1. 1
    Grab the pulldown bar and sit down on the seat
  2. 2
    Angle the torso slightly forward
  3. 3
    Look down and pull the bar down and behind your back
  4. 4
    Contract the back at the bottom, then go back up slowly.
  5. 5
    .Keep your elbows forward as you ascend down.

#3 Underhand grip barbell row

This is a fantastic compound exercise that will widen your lats and also build your biceps and hit your shoulders a bit as well.

The underhand grip barbell row can also be performed on a deficit which means that your feet are elevated on a weight plate. By elevating your feet and letting the bar stretch you all the way down, you get a better stretch and activation on the lats.

The trick with this move is to have a supinated (palms up) grip, and your elbows will be nice and tight to your body. Your grip is just inside shoulder width apart.

Go slow and controlled on the way down, and then row explosively to your belly button and then back down slow and controlled.

I recommend you follow the principles of the Balloon Method on this workout, and that means we need to perform at least 1 exercise where we focus on metabolic stress and time under tension.

I like going fairly high rep on this in the 15-20 rep range, or count for 45 seconds time under tension. Perform 3-5 sets and aim to keep your rest times 60 seconds or less.

#4 Pull-ups

Next up we are doing some pull-ups. I recommend that you try to grip the pull-up bar as wide as you can while still being able to perform 5-8 reps. This will be quite challenging but will help your overall back and bicep development a ton.

The wide grip pull-up puts your body in a very weak position and overloads the back, lats and biceps effectively. If you can perform more than 5-8 reps I recommend that you do a weighted pull-up.

To take the intensity to the next level on this exercise I suggest that you do a static hold for the last repetition and hold your body high up on the pull-up bar for as long as you can and then go down as slow as you can on the last rep.

This is extremely difficult but will take your results to the next level. Aim for 3-5 total sets until failure and rest about 90 seconds between sets!

#5 Snack Slaps

The final exercise of the aesthetic workout is actually not an exercise at all but something I like to call “snack slaps” as you will need to have the discipline to NOT eat junk food all day long if you want to have an aesthetic body.

The truth however is that you can eat the foods you crave every single day in a strategic way and build the aesthetic body of your dreams if you understand the proper way to do this.

Calories in vs. calories out is always the most important number, so if you have body-fat to lose I recommend you head over the SuperHuman Calorie calculator or grab the Crave Diet made for you meal plan below. Once you learn how to eat the foods you crave in a strategic way you will quickly learn that eating to build an aesthetic physique is quite simple.


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