NFL Push Pull Workout To Pack On Slabs Of Mass 

September 28, 2020

By Troy Adashun

This is 1 of my go-to push pull athletic bodybuilding workouts I’m doing to make progress in not only gaining muscle and losing fat - but also becoming stronger, faster, and more explosive.

The push pull workout I’m going to show you today is everything that SuperHuman Fitness is about. This workout is the perfect blend of performance and aesthetics, and If you want to look dramatically more shredded in the mirror in the shortest amount of time possible, you’re going to need to train like a Superhuman, so what better push pull workout to follow than an NFL WR style workout!

This push pull workout is so unique and so amazing because it combines a lot of elements of how an NFL WR would train to get stronger and more explosive and we are pairing that with the Balloon Method to trigger the only 3 ways your body builds muscle during a workout.

I recommend you do this workout no more than 2x per week, because it’s really intense and will require a bit longer of a recovery period. Without further ado, let’s dive into the athletic bodybuilding push pull workout for packing on slabs of mass to your chest, back, shoulders and arms!

NFL WR Push Pull Workout For Performance & Aesthetics

#1 barbell incline bench press superset with wide grip pull-ups


Back, Chest





Rest Time

2-2.5 minutes between sets

This is a staple mass building superset and an incredible way to get more volume into your back and chest training without spending more time in the gym. The great thing about this superset is that when you are done doing heavy incline bench press you won’t be fatigued on a pulling exercise like pull-ups and vice versa.

I recommend that you perform 3 sets in the 6-10 rep range on the barbell incline bench press and superset with as many wide grip pull-ups as you can do each set. Rest 2 - 2.5 minutes between sets.

The beauty of this superset is that you are working your upper chest, pretty much every muscle in your back, as well as your shoulders and biceps!

Check out the video so you can see how to execute this athletic bodybuilding superset!

#2 Barbell Deadlift overload sets


Lower back, Upper back, Hamstrings





Rest Time

3 minutes between sets

The second exercise is going to focus on your pulling strength and is the traditional barbell deadlift. Make sure you watch the video so you can see my form and how I’m keeping the bar close to my body and really driving from my heels and my lower body and just lifting the bar up at the top.

This is one of the most important compound exercises and will help you develop your lower back, upper back, and hamstrings. This is also a great exercise for injury prevention if you play sports.

Most athletes and gym-goers have weak hamstrings and a weak lower back so I can’t emphasize how important it is to learn the proper form on the deadlift and get stronger on it.

Watch the video for a form breakdown.

#3 Db Farmers walks superset with push-ups until failure


Back, Traps, Shoulders, Arms




45 seconds

Rest Time

75 seconds between sets

Now we are up to the Balloon Method finisher of the push-pull workout and we are doing farmers walks superset with push-ups until failure. Farmers walks are great for developing your back, traps, shoulders and arms and I recommend that you pick a fairly heavy weight that you can carry for about 45 seconds straight.

The key with this move is to shrug your shoulders up the entire time to really blast your traps and delts. This move will have your upper body screaming after 45 seconds.

Then immediately after farmers walks I want you to do a set of push-ups until failure to hit your chest and front delts. This is a brutal superset and will challenge you in every way. Perform 3 sets of this with a 75 second rest time between sets.

Watch the video so you know how to do the entire superset!

#4 Squat Jump
Target Legs, Quads
Reps 10 jumps
Rest Time 60 seconds between sets

The squat jump exercise is a fantastic exercise to incorporate into your workout routine regardless of what your gaol is. This is a fast twitch exercise that uses a different muscle fiber than most exercises.

To perform the squat jump exercise have your hands down at your sides and the weight of your body evenly distributed. As you ascend down, focus on sitting your butt back so the pressure goes to your glutes, hamstrings and quads and not your back.

Use your arms to assist your balance and to help you drive your momentum upward and jump as high as possible. I recommend that you ascend down until your knees are at least 90 degrees, and then explode up in the air as fast and high as you can. Drive from your heels and the base of your feet and relax your upper body.

Immediately upon landing, regain your balance and set up in position again and jump! Try to not be on the ground for very long. These are quick repetitions.

Perform 3-5 sets and 10-12 jumps each set. The squat jump exercise is a great exercise to improve your vertical leap, and it's also a great finisher to add onto the end of your workout. In fact that's what we do on the SuperHuman Ripped program.

If you want to get shredded on fast forward and as fast as scientifically possible, check out the SuperHuman Ripped program!

 Every workout uses the Balloon Method, the first workout that maximizes the 3 science backed ways your body builds muscle in less than 40 minutes a workout and it makes your workouts more intense and a lot more fun. Combine that with the finishers on the SuperHuman ripped program and you will see why thousands of guys all over the world build muscle and burn fat at the same time on the SuperHuman Ripped program!

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Now that we are done with the push pull workout it is time for an athletic finisher, and this is exactly how the Superhumans on the SuperHuman Ripped Program train to be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

The 4th exercise in my workout was rim taps, where I jump up and down as high as I can with as little rest time on the ground as possible. Perform 10 total jumps with 60 second rest between sets.
If you don’t have access to a basketball court and just want to get the same benefit at your gym, you can substitute this exercise with dumbbell squat jumps.

#5 Sprints

The finishing touch on the push pull athletic bodybuilding workout is some sprints. For my workout I ran some NFL WR routes to fire up my fast twitch muscle fibers, but you could simply run 6-8 sprint intervals with 90 second rest time between sprints.

If you want to see me going through the entire push pull workout make sure to watch the YouTube video and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already!

Putting it all together For The Fastest Results

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