Best Trap Workout For Mass W. The Godfather Of Bodybuilding 

October 8, 2020

By Troy Adashun

Welcome to the ultimate trap workout for mass! Below you will find the full trap workout for mass with a video breakdown of each trap exercise complete with recommended sets & reps!

This is one of my favorite trap workouts because it combines the best trap exercises you can do with dumbbells only and combines them with some intensity techniques to maximize the only 3 ways your body builds muscle.

Maximizing the only 3 science backed ways your body builds muscle is a Balloon Method workout, and it was created here on to give you the fastest results possible!

This trap workout is short and intense and I recommend you perform it 2x per week for bigger traps and throw into your pull workouts or really you could combine this with any other muscle group. Don't get caught up in your workout split. I've even trained traps on leg days.

Barbell shrugs are a great trap exercise but there are exercises that you will feel better trap activation on, like the Supinated Shrugs you will learn about below!

A good rule of thumb however is that if your traps are a huge weak point and you want to prioritize them, you should always start your workout with traps so you have the most energy to hit them harder.

Your trapezius muscle is the superficial muscle in your upper back and is one of the most impressive muscles to really look big and powerful.

The problem with most trap workouts is they activate the traps very poorly. Pay very close attention to the form in each of the trap exercises below so you can maximize the activation you get in your traps.

 Let’s dive into the first trap exercise I learned from the Godfather of Bodybuilding Charles Glass. The first move is my personal favorite and will blast your traps. Let’s go!

#1 supinated shrugs





Rest Time

75 seconds

#2 dumbbell shrugs dropset




10-12 drop weight 30% and 10-12 more

Rest Time

75 seconds

#3 Seated Shrugs With Dumbbells




45 seconds TUT

Rest Time

60 seconds

This is one of the best trap workouts for mass you will find and combines some really great trap exercises to build your upper back. Getting thick cobra like traps will make you look like a total bad-ass and really make your physique pop. Try this trap workout for mass up to 2x per week and make some gains! If you want to build muscle at superhuman speed make sure to check out the SuperHuman Muscle program next!

By The Way, Here’s me going through this entire workout on Youtube!

I recommend that you train your traps twice per week for fast results. You can add in 5-10 sets at the end of your back workouts, or really with any other muscle split you choose. You don't need more than 10-20 sets a week of direct trap workout for really fast growth.

Save this workout and make sure to tag me on Instagram @Troy.Adashun during your fitness journey!


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